Assignment due Monday, 25 November

Questions for Chapter 4: Attention Dilution Disorder

1. Legal-ethical boundary setting

Imagine a few years from now under the assumption that Google Glass – like devices catch on, whether by Google or others. We already have spoken about the “no face recognition” rule that Google has unilaterally imposed to draw boundaries around functionality. Consider and propose three other rules that companies or legislators may pronounce on these devices as they become more widespread. Note that you don’t need to like or agree with the rules- I’m asking you to predict the future the you think is likely, not a future that is desirable.


2. Another boundary question.

Now this one is more personal. Consider Google Now several years in the future. It can respond to your emails, continue phone conversations or start conversations for you, deal with social media requests, appointments, etc. It’s up to you to decide what you *do* want it to do for you, and when you want to be involved “manually.” For you, yourself, in a few years, assuming this technology is ready: what distribution of responsibilities would you strive for between your own responsibilities and your “AI” personal assistant’s responsibilities and actions? I am hoping you can name a few in each category, or create some sort of rule for how you decide which responsibility belongs where.